Workshop: Intro to Git for Security Professionals

1 minute read

Here lies the workshop content for my WWHF 2020 workshop!


To get set up for the workshop, you will need:

  • Git
  • (optionally) A account

Installing Git

There are many paths you could get to install git. You may also have it already (especially if you’re using macOS or Linux). To check, try running

git --version

And see if anything comes out. Example:

$ git --version
git version 2.25.1

If you don’t have Git installed, then check out the Git Downloads page.

Installing Git (Docker Edition)

Another option if you’re inclined to use Docker is to do something like this:

$ docker run -it --name wwhf-git ubuntu:latest /bin/bash
root@716ffa2959f6:/# apt -y update && apt -y install git
root@716ffa2959f6:/# git --version
git version 2.25.1

Making a Account

While not required for the workshop, before long you’ll likely want to look at making a account to contribute back to the community.

You may want to read through the GitHub Help pages on Setting up and managing your GitHub profile.

  1. Create an account on GitHub.

  2. Update your profile information.

    • Photo: A headshot photo, or image that is uniquely you.
    • Name: Your first and last name.
    • Bio: Include a few words about yourself! Don’t forget to mention @LLNL.
    • URL: This might be your page, or a personal website if you prefer.
    • Company: Probably Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, @LLNL.
    • Location: Your primary location.
  3. Add your email address (and any aliases) to your Email Settings page. This will link any commits done via your Git identity to your GitHub account.

  4. Setup an SSH key.

  5. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA).